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Inspire is a unique programme of workshops, lectures and events in York, offering exclusive access to some of the city's most famous spaces with tuition provided by experts in their fields, from artists to photographers, bakers and historians.
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Inspire Living

A unique opportunity to gain access to the rooftops and architecture of York.
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Photography Masterclass

Inspire Events

The history and future of the bicycle.
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Pedalling to Perfection

Inspire Discovery

On the morning of 16 December 1914 German naval vessels bombarded the English coastal ports. As the centenary of this attack approaches, Esther Graham offers a fresh insight into its impact on the town, and outlines the Museum Trust’s commemoration of the event.
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Mint Yard Lecture

New additions

Christmas Cake Creations (sugarcraft techniques)
This is a unique opportunity to spend a day learning how to make your Christmas cake that extra bit special.
Photography Masterclass Rooftops & Architecture
A unique opportunity to gain access to the rooftops of York, and capture  the changing evening skyline from a exclusive vantage point.
Remember Scarborough
An insight into the 1914 German bombardment of Scarborough.

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