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Inspire is a unique programme of workshops, lectures and events in York, offering exclusive access to some of the city's most famous spaces with tuition provided by experts in their fields, from artists to photographers, bakers and historians.
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Inspire Living

A unique opportunity to gain access to the rooftops and architecture of York.
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Photography Masterclass

Inspire Events

The history and future of the bicycle.
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Pedalling to Perfection

Inspire Discovery

Uncover the identities of the many thousands of people from continental Europe who made their lives and livelihoods in medieval Yorkshire.
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Mint Yard Lecture

New additions

Remember Scarborough
An insight into the 1914 German bombardment of Scarborough.
The Battle of Stamford Bridge: Harold Godwinson’s final victory
An examination of the reasons for Battle of Stamford Bridge, its course, consequences and wider role in history.
Discover Mindfulness - A Beginners Taster
Modern science is continuing to demonstrate what ancient wisdom has known all along … that meditation and mindfulness are beneficial for our health and well-being.

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