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Inspire is a unique programme of workshops, lectures and events in York, offering exclusive access to some of the city's most famous spaces with tuition provided by experts in their fields, from artists to photographers, bakers and historians.
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Inspire Living

A unique opportunity to gain access to the rooftops and architecture of York.
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Photography Masterclass

Inspire Events

Discover the latest Viking research being undertaken by the University of York in this lecture for the 2015 Festival of Ideas.
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What's new with the Vikings?

Inspire Discovery

Join us on this guided trail as we set forth to uncover the lost stories behind the carvings, figures and symbols on the streets of our ancient city.
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Symbols, Myths and Legends

New additions

Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore and Fact
So-called secret tunnels are a subject of perennial interest.  Are there really labyrinths of hidden passageways under our ancient buildings, towns and cities, or are these tunnel tales another seam of England’s rich folklore?  Antony Clayton, will attempt to sort fact from fiction in this illustrated talk.
Cinema@Explore: A Man for All Seasons
Explore and Cinema@ have come together to present A Man For All Seasons. Join us for York Explore’s debut community cinema showing of A Man for All Seasons.
"Coffeehouse" Shopping: or why there’s nothing new about retail therapy
Part of the "Coffeehouse : Debate, Discussion, Controversy, Coffee" series - A series of short informal talks on themed topics, followed by discussion and conversation over coffee.“The cafe is a place for assignation and conspiracy, for intellectual debate and gossip. Open to all, the club of the spirit and the poste restante of the homeless” George Steiner

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