Candle Making - Make 5 spring time candles for your home and garden

Learn how to make five useful and decorative candles to use around the garden and home.


Sat, 6 May 2017
10:30 to 15:30



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Candles can be both a useful and decorative commodity in the home and making them is great fun with lots of scope for creativity. During this class you will learn how to make various types of candles using an array of methods and techniques. The theme for the candles will be spring time and will including several lovely candles that can be used in your garden, for instance a decorative ‘bug repelling’ citronella candle.
You will have the opportunity to create five candles during the day. Working to a spring time theme, the candles will include, beautifully fragrant scented candles, cute candles housed in glass jars or teacups and useful citronella candles that will keep mosquitos away in the garden.

Please bring an apron and a small and medium pan* with you to this session, everything else will be provided for the material fee of £6 which can be paid to the artist on the day. *The pans need to sit one within the other



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