Colourful Portraits in Expressive Watercolour

Create a colourful, expressive watercolour portrait in bold, free brushstrokes.


Sun, 1 Oct 2017
10:30 - 15:30



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In this one day workshop we will explore how to create a loose, colourful portrait using bold gestural brushstrokes. We will look at painting techniques including wet-into-wet, lifting colour, layering and more.
Beginning with a group exercise to capture the same face (photo provided by tutor), you will then use these techniques and apply them to create your own chosen portrait.

Additional Information: Participants will need to bring along watercolour paints, watercolour paper (A4 size minimum) and brushes - inc flat wash brush. Kitchen roll. A clear high resolution colour photograph of their chosen portrait.



York Art Gallery

Exhibition Square,



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The tutor

Sue Clayton

Artist and tutor